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"Starbucks takes big step in bringing Dallas' Southwest Center Mall back to life"

A Starbucks opening Friday near Southwest Center Mall isn't just any coffee shop. The store on Camp Wisdom Road lights up like a little jewel box at night, one that brings tears of joy to those who have waited decades for good things to start happening at a once-vibrant mall in southern Dallas County. "This is a project of love. It's meaningful for me, personally," said Traci York, Starbucks' regional vice president responsible for 750 stores in Texas and three other states. "Seeing our logo on this new building, I had to gather myself."

"The 9 essential cookies every home baker should know how to make"

The world of cookies is a wonderful and wide-ranging place. In a decade-plus of publishing holiday cookie packages, The Washington Post’s Food section alone has shared more than 300 recipes. We have options for almost any taste, diet and ingredient, inspired by a globe’s worth of flavors. But we also believe there is a certain Cookie Canon. You know, the classics, the old reliables, the cookies that can appeal to a crowd. They're also basic recipes that provide great ways to learn a variety of baking techniques that will serve you well no matter what other types of cookies you want to make in the future. After combing through our archives and other trusted sources - and after conducting a lot of taste tests - our team settled on these nine essential cookies.

"McDonald’s ordering touchscreen tests 'reveal poo and bacteria on terminals'"

Bacteria and faeces were found on McDonald’s touchscreens during an investigation, it has been claimed. Machines at a number of UK branches were swabbed and it was reportedly found they all had coliforms - bacteria present in animal and human excrement. McDonald's customers often place their orders using touchscreens at the fast food restaurants, before heading over to the counter to collect their food. But a probe claims a number of bacteria were found on all the screens tested, used by thousands of customers every day.